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  • Grafika Pokrzepol shampoo
  • Grafika Pokrzepol shampoo

Pokrzepol shampoo


This shampoo prevents hair loss, reduces brittleness, as well as strengthening and smoothening the hair.

Pokrzepol shampoo is designed for the daily care of weakened and falling out hair. This shampoo, apart from possessing an ideally balanced combination of cleaning substances, includes the following natural plant extracts which have been long used for improving the condition of hair:

Field horsetail plant extract is a genuine treasury of potassium and easily-absorbed silicon dioxide which are the building blocks of hair. They make the structure of hair both stronger and more flexible while slowing down hair loss.

Ginseng extract which, thanks to the presence of over two hundred active biological ingredients, has a clear influence on strengthening and regenerating hair, as well as delivering energy and essential renewing ingredients to hair roots.

Soya and wheat sprout extract revitalises hair growth, as well as increasing protein synthesis. The presence of Pantenol (pro-vitamin B5), which moisturises the hair fibre, makes hair easier to style, reduces its tendency towards split-ends, improves the condition of damaged hair, increases hair volume and soothes all kinds of skin irritation.


FormLiquid, 200 ml

Additional information:

The combined effects of these active substances result in hair regaining a healthy appearance while stopping significant hair loss.

Nr RK/305012/2011

Customer information:

A cosmetic is a product used to cleanse, care for, protect and beautify the external parts of the body, i.e. the skin, hair, nails, lips, teeth, oral mucosa, external genitalia in order to keep them clean, in good condition, protect and give fragrance and proper care.

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