Healing liniment for dry and cracked skin

The product is to be applied onto dry, cracked and rough skin (particularly on feet, elbows or hands). Reduces skin regeneration time, soothes irritations, makes your skin smooth and look healthy. Recommended for dry and rough skin as well as cracked heels.

Includes the following ingredients characterised by a wide spectrum of effects:

Lanolin - a natural oiling substance and a natural emulsifier regulating skin moisture content processes.

Shea butter - displays nourishing properties, contains E and F vitamins.

Lavender oil - reduces wound and burn healing time, displays antibacterial properties.

Marigold extract - displays anti-inflammatory properties, reduces healing time.

Vitamin A - regulates growth and functions of the epithelial tissue.

Vitamin E - provides cells with nutritious elements.

In the case of hard-healing skin in need of regeneration:

  • reduces wound healing time,
  • moisturises and reduces skin roughness,
  • regulates growth and functions of the epithelial tissue,
  • nourishes, oils and regenerates the epidermis.

Directions for use: apply a small amount of the product onto the changed skin. Use as needed.

In the case of severely dry and cracked skin apply a thick layer of the liniment and secure against wiping. Dermatologically tested.



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