Cosmetic Hand Ointment

Cosmetic Hand Ointment with Vitamin A

Protects and moisturizes

Rough and damaged skin

Hand Cosmetic Ointment is prepared for rough and damaged hand skin treatment. Special ointment formula consists of appropriate amount of vitamin A and soothes irritations caused by bad weather conditions, regenerates and improves blood circulation. The ointment is easily absorbed, smoothens and strengthens skin, reduces its roughness, coarseness and cracks. Leaves on hands a protecting silicon layer in the form of an invisible "glove".

PROTECTS - soothes small red marks and effectively relieves irritations;

NOURISHES - completes vitamin A deficiency, has good effect on skin appearance;

SMOOTHENS - skin becomes smooth, regains its resilience.

Regular Ointment application guarantees renewed and smooth skin.


Apply a small amount of ointment and rub in with circular movements.



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