Moisturises, smoothens and reduces callusing. This cream is designed for the care of very dry, peeling skin with a tendency towards callusing, thus mainly for hands, elbows and feet. It contains urea (10%) which is one of the basic ingredients of Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF)which is responsible for moisturising layers of calloused skin. Urea has moisturising and softening properties which reduce callusing. It speeds up cell division in the granular layer of the skin while also regenerating it and also causes the skin to become soft, smooth and supple. The presence of menthol brings about a soothing cooling effect which also has local anaesthetic and anti-itching properties.

It smoothens dry and rough skin

It reduces thickening and callusing of the skin

It moisturises intensively

It soothes, cools and refreshes



Pokrzepol Set
Night anti-wrinkle cream
Hand cream
Pokrzepol shampoo
Tonic alcohol-free
Intimate hygiene liquid
Antibacterial cream

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