Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Production Company PROFARM Sp. z o.o.


The company with a pharmaceutical and cosmetic production profile with a GMP certificate. The general production line is: liquid forms, pastes, gels, emulsions, pharmaceutical and cosmetic creams, laboratory services, confectioning of medicines and cosmetics.

We offer services in the area of:

  • Developing a drug recipe,
  • Search and purchase of raw materials,
  • Comprehensive chemical and microbiological analysis of raw materials and products,
  • Preparation of registration documentation,
  • Performing a trial series (for registration, clinical trials, etc.),
  • Preparing products for clinical trials,
  • Production according to the agreed specification,
  • Packaging products in bulk packaging,
  • Confectioning of finished products in tubes, jars, bottles, cartons,
  • Warehousing.

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