Carrot oil

Natural oil made of carrot seeds.

It contains beta-carotene and vitamins E, B, C, F.

Carrot oil, rich in carotenoids (mainly beta-carotene from which its orange colour comes from), contains also vitamins E, B, C i F, minerals and fatty acids of high antioxidant activity, thus protects against premature skin ageing. Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A which contributes to the proper metabolism of the skin, improves the look of scars and reduces visible signs of ageing. Carrot oil protects against potential damage and dehydration caused by UV rays.

Beta-carotene, as such, protects against peroxidation and roughness of skin induced by UV rays.

Carrot oil, intensely orange in colour, helps in dry and peeling skin care. Additionally, its pigment facilitates sun tanning giving the skin a delicate colour of fresh suntan.

Ingredients: Carrot oil.



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