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Essential oils composition for inhalation


Oleum Pini silv.            10,0

Oleum Thymi               10,0

Oleum Menthas Pip     20,0

Oleum Terebinthinae   60,0


The preparation is used in bronchitis and upper airways infections as well as for disinfection and air freshening.


For inhalation: add a few drops of INHALOL to a glass of hot water and breathe in deeply the emerging vapours. Inhalation may be also carried out by adding the preparation to a hot bathwater. The disinfection and air freshening effect can be achieved by dispersing water with a few drops of INHALOL added, with the use of humidifier or diffuser.

FormDrops, 10 g

Additional information:


Cold, rhinitis, bronchitis, sore throat, cough, hoarse voice, thick secretion in upper airways, malaise, migraine, exhaustion states.

Minister of Health and Social Welfare license no. R/0734

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